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In Pakistan, where the real estate market is growing and housing societies are rising, potential buyers or investors must ensure that the housing society they are interested in is properly registered. Registration validates the society’s legality and provides a sense of security to the stakeholders involved. However, navigating the process of checking housing society registration can seem daunting. In this guide, we’ll break down the steps to help you how to check the housing society registration in Pakistan.

Understanding Housing Society Registration:

Before diving into the process, it’s essential to understand what housing society registration entails. In Pakistan, housing societies are required by law to be registered under the relevant authorities. This registration confirms that the society has fulfilled all legal requirements and compliances, ensuring transparency and legality in its operations.

Steps to Check Housing Society Registration:

Identify the Relevant Authority:

The first step is to identify the appropriate authority responsible for housing society registrations in the area where the society is located. This authority is typically the concerned Development Authority or the Registrar of Societies in Pakistan, like Faisal Hills, Located in Taxila, under the Rawalpindi Development Authority ( RDA ) and Multi Gardens B-17 in Islamabad under the Capital Development Authority ( CDA ). 

Gather Information:

Collect all necessary information about the housing society you wish to verify. It may include the society’s name, location, and registration number (if available). This information is usually found on the society’s official documents or website. For Example, You can search for 

Search On Google about societies or by clicking on the above links.  

Visit the Authority’s Website:

Many Development Authorities and Registrar of Societies have online portals where you can search for registered housing societies. Visit the website of the relevant authority and look for the section related to housing society registrations, like 

  1. PHATA (Punjab Housing & Town Planning Agency):
    • To check if PHATA approves a society or housing project in Punjab, visit the PHATA website or contact their office directly. PHATA typically maintains a list of approved housing societies on its website or provides a database where you can search for approved projects.
  2. CDA (Capital Development Authority):
    • To verify approval from CDA for a project in Islamabad, you can visit the CDA website or contact their office.
  3. SBCA (Sindh Building Control Authority):
    • For check projects and societies in Karachi and Sindh, you can check approval status from SBCA by visiting their website or contacting their office.
  4. KP-BOIT (Board of Investment & Trade, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa):
    • To confirm approval from KP-BOIT for projects and societies in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, you can visit their website or contact their office.
  5. QDA (Quetta Development Authority):
    • To confirm approval in Quetta and other areas of Balochistan, you can check approval status from QDA by visiting their website or contacting their office.

Search for the Society:

Utilize the search feature on the authority’s website to look for the housing society by its name or registration number. Some portals may require you to input specific details, such as the society’s location or sector.

cda website check


phata website check

Review the Results:

Once you’ve entered the necessary information, the website should list relevant housing societies matching your search criteria. Look for the society you’re interested in and click on it to view its registration details.

Verify Registration Details:

Carefully review the registration details provided on the website. Ensure that the society’s name, location, registration number, and other pertinent information match what you have. Pay attention to any remarks or remarks attached to the registration entry.

CDA verify phata verify

Cross-Check with Official Records:

While online portals provide convenient access to registration information, it’s advisable to cross-check the details with official records maintained by the authority. You can do this by visiting the relevant office or contacting them via phone or email.

Seek Legal Assistance (If Necessary):

If you encounter any discrepancies or uncertainties regarding the housing society’s registration status, it’s advisable to seek legal assistance. A real estate lawyer can help you navigate any complexities and secure your investment.


Verifying the registration of a housing society in Pakistan is crucial for anyone looking to buy property or invest in real estate. By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can confidently check the registration status of a housing society and make informed decisions regarding your investment. Ensuring legality and compliance is critical to a secure and successful real estate transaction.