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The biggest difference of a studio vs one bedroom apartment is the separate bedroom. Deciding which apartment style is right for you depends on your lifestyle and budget. Looking at issues like privacy, in-unit amenities, and upkeep responsibilities can help influence your preference.

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment is usually a small, self-contained, single-room living space that combines your bedroom, living room, and kitchen area into one open floor plan. However, the bathroom is always separate and enclosed. Depending on the layout, studios can range from cozy spaces perfect for one person to large lofts that can comfortably accommodate couples.

One Bedroom apartment layout

What is a One-Bedroom Apartment?

As the name suggests, a one-bedroom apartment features a separate bedroom in addition to a living room and kitchen area. The bedroom typically has a door that can be closed for privacy, unlike a studio where all areas are combined. One-bedroom apartments usually have more square footage than studios and may offer more in terms of amenities such as a separate dining area or additional storage space.

studio apartment

Pros and Cons of a Studio Apartment


  1. Cost-Effective: Studios are typically cheaper than one-bedroom apartments, making them a popular choice among renters looking to save money.
  2. Easy to Maintain: With less square footage to cover, cleaning a studio apartment can be quicker and easier.
  3. Energy Efficient: Smaller spaces are often cheaper to heat and cool, resulting in lower utility bills.


  1. Limited Space: The compact nature of studio apartments can feel cramped, especially for those with a lot of belongings or a preference for spacious living.
  2. Lack of Privacy: Studios don’t provide much privacy, which might not be ideal when having guests over or if you’re living with a partner.

Pros and Cons of a One-Bedroom Apartment


  1. Privacy: With a separate bedroom, you can entertain guests without exposing your sleeping area, and it’s more comfortable for couples or roommates.
  2. More Space: One-bedroom apartments typically offer more space, allowing for more furniture, appliances, and overall breathing room.
  3. Better for Working From Home: The separate spaces can help establish a more efficient work-from-home setup.


  1. Costlier: Rent and utility costs are usually higher in one-bedroom apartments than in studio apartments.
  2. More to Maintain: With more space comes more cleaning and upkeep responsibilities.

How to Choose Between a Studio and One Bedroom Apartment

Deciding a studio vs a one bedroom apartment involves considering several important factors, such as lifestyle needs, budget, location, and space usage. Understanding the distinct features of both types of apartments will be instrumental in making the right decision.

studio apartment 2

Factors to Consider:

  1. Budget: Generally, studio apartments are cheaper than one-bedroom apartments. However, it’s essential to factor in utility costs and the cost of furnishing a larger space.
  2. Space and Privacy: If you need more privacy or expect to host visitors frequently, a one-bedroom apartment would offer more space and separate areas for different activities.
  3. Lifestyle: Your lifestyle plays a huge role in this decision. If you work from home, the separation of spaces in a one-bedroom apartment may be crucial. Conversely, if you spend minimal time at home, a studio might suffice.
  4. Location: If a studio apartment is in a more desirable area (closer to work, favorite hangouts, or better amenities), it may be a better choice over a larger apartment in a less convenient location.

Bottom Line

When choosing between a studio and a one-bedroom apartment, think about your budget, how much space and privacy you need, your lifestyle, and the location. Studios are usually cheaper and easier to maintain, but one-bedrooms offer more space and privacy. Consider what’s most important to you before making your decision. If you’re interested in buying a studio or one-bedroom apartment, reach out to us at 03 111 767 111. We can help you weigh your options and find the perfect fit for your needs.